Groundwater availability and potential in the Nile Basin

Dr. Seifu Kebede


Dr Seifu Kebede is a hydrogeologist and authors more than 35 peer reviewed scientific articles and a book entitled ‘Groundwater in Ethiopia: features, numbers and opportunities’. He is involved in research related to the multifaceted dimensions of groundwater (rural water supply, groundwater irrigation, groundwater and health, isotope and geochemistry application for water resources mapping, household water economy and groundwater role). Currently and recently he is involved in the following groundwater projects: Climate Risk Screening for Rural Water Supply in Rural Ethiopia (ODI-DFI project); A technical assistant study on Groundwater Development and Management for Ethiopia (World Bank); Capacity building for drought mitigation (UNESCO-Addis Ababa); UPGro’s Hidden Crisis research consortium; Developing Adaptive Water Resources Management Strategy for Ethiopia (SCIP-DFID funded); REACH: Improving water security for the poor (DFID funded Oxford University led project). He has been involved in international expert missions (eg Kenya, Sierra Leone, Morocco, Tunisa, Lesotho, Malawi, Uganda), such as for the International Atomic Energy Agency mainly related to isotope hydrology and project management in groundwater sector.